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School Nurse
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Scoliosis screenings grades 9 and 11

By law, every New Jersey board of education must provide biennial scoliosis screening for students ages 10-18.  The purpose of the screening is to detect signs of spinal curvature at its earliest stages so the need for treatment can be determined. Most cases of spinal curvature are mild. Early detection can prevent the development of severe deformity which can later affect the health and appearance of the child.
The procedure is simple. The school nurse will look at the student’s back while he/she stands and then bends forward. It is necessary for the entire back to be visible during the screening process. Boys must remove their shirts. Girls must remove their tops and must wear a bathing suit, two-piece bathing suit top or a bra. Students in grade 7 will be screened separately and individually.
You have the option of being present at the screening, but you must request in writing that you wish to be present. Thank you for your cooperation. If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact me at the number or e-mail address above.

Tips on Student Illness During Flu Season

It's common sense that students learn better when they are healthy and well rested. During flu season in particular, keeping apprised of accurate information can help families develop good habits for keeping germs at bay. Here are two documents we hope you find useful:
"The Flu: A Guide for Parents" published by the CDC
"Guidelines for Keeping a Sick Child Home" adapted from the NASN

Important 2017 Measles Information

Please click on the link below to access a letter distributed by the New Jersey Department of Health concerning the second laboratory-confirmed case of measles in New Jersey.
Measles 2017 Public Health Alert

Information Pertaining to Lice
Please click on the following links to obtain useful information on lice.
Procedures to Follow
Lice/Pediculosis According to American Academy of Pediatrics

Sports Related Eye Injury
Please see important information regarding sports related eye injuries under important forms.

Enterovirus D68 (EV-D68
The NJ Department of Health has released information regarding Enterovirus D68. This respiratory illness most often infects infants, children, and teenagers. Please see : for important information.

Useful Information