College Application Process

Senior Packet 

Request for Recommendation
Students should use the following form when requesting letters of recommendation from their teachers. 
Letter of Recommendation Request Form

College Application Checklist
Feeling overwhelmed by the daunting aspect of the college application process? Take things one step at a time by accessing this link for helpful hints and guidelines. 
College Application Checklist

Sample Activity Resume
Use these Sample Activity Resumes to help you prepare a resume of your High School activities. 
Sample Activity Resumes

Blanket Authorization for Release of Records
Signatures from both a parent and/or guardian and the student must be on file to authorize the release of school records to post-secondary institutions. Click below to download the appropriate form.  
Blanket Authorization For Release of School Records

"Goldenrod Sheet" Transcript Request
The "Goldenrod Sheet" must be submitted with six (6) forever postage stamps for each college/university to which a student applies. Copies are available in the Guidance Office. Click below to view a sample. 
"Goldenrod Sheet" Transcript Request

Student Brag Sheet
This is your time to shine! Help your counselor learn more about you in preparation for writing your recommendation letter. Use the link below to download the "Brag Sheet" and don't be modest. 
Student Brag Sheet

Parent Brag Sheet
Your parents/guardians are your best advocates. Their comments will further help counselors in writing your recommendation letter. Click below to download a "Parent Brag Sheet." 
Parent Brag Sheet

College Planner - The Interview
Some colleges/universities offer interviews, but you needn’t feel overwhelmed. Click here for some useful suggestions, and put forth your best – it’s your time to shine! 
College Planner - The Interview